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    The NIOSH Mine and Mine Worker Charts are interactive graphs, maps, and tables for the U.S. mining industry that show data over multiple or single years. Users can select a variety of breakdowns for statistics, including number of active mines in each sector by year; number of employees and employee hours worked by sector; fata and nonfatal injury counts and rates by sector and accident class.[...]

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    Yearly Reports. Data reported by operators of mining establishments concerning work injuries are summarized by work location, accident classification, part of body injured, nature of injury, and occupation. Related information on employment, worktime, and operating activity also is presented. Data reported by independent contractors performing...[...]

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    Aug 03, 2017· 1907 is the deadliest year in history for coal mining, it is estimated that 3242 people were killed. That year also marked the worst explosion in mining history, killing 358 people in West ia. In 1910 Congress established the Bureau of Mines to conduct research and to reduce accidents within the coal mining industry. This new bureau was a direct result of a prior decade of fatalities, which …[...]

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    The mining industry has a considerable impact on the environment. Soil pollution by potentially harmful elements due to mining and smelting activities is a worldwide problem. The extraction of metals from sulfide minerals usually results in large amounts of tailings, which often contain elevated concentrations of potentially harmful elements.[...]

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    This statistic illustrates the number of casualties in selected mining accidents worldwide from 2005 to 2014. In August 2012, there were 60 casualties reported in a mining accident in the ...[...]

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    Jan 14, 2019· Most of the deaths today occur in developing countries, especially China. China's coal mines are the world's deadliest, killing an average of 13 miners a day. China accounts for the largest number of coal-mining fatalities, about 80% of the world’s total, although it produced only 35% of the world’s coal.[...]

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    Mining industry. See Mining accident for more. December 12, 1866: Oaks Colliery Explosion in Barnsley, West Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Caused by the explosion of firedamp. It was the worst mining accident in England, with a death toll of 361.[...]

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    Sep 06, 2019· Numerous industries worldwide depend on the supply of commodities from underground such as minerals and metals. The dependency of various high-tech-industries on rare earths is a recent issue – coal, on the other hand, is still one of the leading global energy resources. Consequently, the mining sector is pivotal to the world’s economy.[...]