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    Argentium Sterling is available in sheet, wire, bezel and gallery wire, tubing, solder and casting grain, so any projects you make with sterling silver can easily be made with Argentium. Argentium really likes itself and FUSES well for Granulation pieces or jump rings .[...]

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    Argentium - The Finest Silver has a range of unique and superior properties that are beneficial for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.[...]

  • What Is The Difference Between Argentium And Sterling Silver?

    What is Argentium silver? Argentium is one of a new generation of silver alloys. It was developed specifically to combat the tarnish that occurs as silver oxidises when it comes into contact with air, which is a major drawback for all who love silver. However, Argentium also boasts a whole range of other properties besides […][...]

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    We certify to comply with Gold and Silver Stamping Act on all of our grain and casting pieces. Our grain contains deoxidizing agents to facilitate problem free casting. Our pieces are cut from our sheet stock, which is alloyed for workability after casting.[...]

  • Working with Argentium® Silver— Tips & Procedures

    Working with Argentium® Silver— Tips & Procedures By Cynthia Eid (revised and updated June 2010; reprinted with permission) Argentium® Silver is a patented and trademarked alloy that is at least 92.5% pure silver, just like traditional sterling.[...]

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    + welcome + latest metal prices: Located in Birmingham, Argex Limited was founded in 1994 and very rapidly established itself as a reputed supplier of semi-finished items for the production of silver cutlery, hollow-ware and jewellery.[...]

  • Casting Argentium® Sterling Silver 970 using a torch

    Only days after I started wearing the rings, the regular sterling silver ring started showing a slight gray tint and was not holding its shine nearly as well as the Argentium® Sterling Silver 970. The high points on the hammer marks were much more scuffed and the dents and dings from wear were much deeper on the regular sterling silver.[...]

  • Casting Grain: Argentium® 960 Pro and Argentium® 935 Pro ...

    Oct 02, 2016· Argentium® silver casting grains give you the versatility you expect! Argentium® casting grains are produced in four distinct alloys, each to provide you with casting luxurious jewelry and silverware products. G&S Metals and Refiners stocks Argentium® Professional Casting Grain, Argentium® 960 Pro and Argentium® 935 Pro.[...]

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    Casting with Argentium® Silver 935 Pro Introduction Rio Grande regularly casts findings using Argentium® Pro 935 silver grain and we have enjoyed excellent results with this innovative metal. Here is a look at some of our methods and techniques for ensuring dependably good cast parts.[...]

  • GSM Metals Announced as Exclusive Argentium Grain ...

    Jul 07, 2017· GSM Metals, Inc. is proud to announce its appointment as the exclusive manufacturer of Argentium 935 and 960 Silver in the USA. Argentium sheet and wire are also being manufactured. Please contact Andrea Michaels: [email protected] for sales and products enquiries.[...]

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    DetailsChoose from 4 types: 844-90 Sterling Silver .925 Silver 844-95 Argentium® .935 Silver 844-99 Fine Silver .999 Silver 844-92 Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver .925 Silver Sold by the Troy Ounce (20 DWT)844-90 Sterling Silver This is traditional .925 Sterling Silver casting grain. It is alloyed with copper and has a copper content of .075.[...]

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    This casting grain is carefully prepared using high-purity silver (99.99%) through a special deoxidizing process, a prerequisite for high-quality silver jewellery production. 925 Sterling Silver. 935 Argentium® Silver.[...]

  • Argentium® 935 PRO Silver Casting Grain - Rio Grande

    This Argentium® 935 PRO Silver casting grain is specially formulated to be perfect for filigree and finely detailed patterns. Refined as a 935/1,000 silver alloy, it has the hardness and strength of an alloy with a higher silver content than traditional sterling silver, delivering very white color, high reflectivity and hardness, which makes items made with this alloy particularly resistant ...[...]

  • Argentium Silver Sheet Metal - Price Per 6" x 1" Piece ...

    For example, if you want to order one piece of silver 6" x 1" and one piece of silver 6" x 2" of the same gauge, order 3 in your cart and then in the comment field box that appears during the checkout process, type in a message telling us that you want one piece cut 6" x 1" and one piece cut 6" x 2.All of our Argentium silver sheet is 1/2 hard ...[...]

  • The Argentium Revolution - The STUDIO

    Jul 23, 2012· This is in addition to the resources available on the Argentium Silver Website and the Argentium Silver Users Guild Website. All the Argentium silver alloys have a basic composition of silver, copper and germanium with the Argentium 960 grades having the higher purity, as …[...]

  • Casting Grain Specifications

    Minimum grain purchases are 5 dwt karat gold and platinum, 1 oz silver. Next day shipping if ordered before 5pm eastern time. 200 dwt minimum applies for the following grain: 10K and 22K Pink, 10K and 22K Green, and 14K and 18K Peach.[...]

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    Argentium™ Sterling Silver displays a paler colour when heated. To avoid overheating the alloy, annealing and soldering operations should be carried out in a darkened area. Furnace annealing should be carried out at 1050°F/565°C for approximately 30 minutes.[...]

  • Argentium Sterling® Silver experiences: 2006

    That's right AS970 is now available through G&S Metals! The 97% silver casting grain is being sold as "Argentium Silver Casting Grain(tm)". The following link will take you directly to the page that will tell you all about this wonderful new alloy.[...]

  • Argentium Sterling - Silver

    Argentium ® Sterling Silver, a registered and patented alloy developed by Peter Johns, is currently being produced by Stern Leach in the U.S. under a licensing agreement from Middlesex University, England. Argentium ® Sterling Silver is a registered trade name.[...]

  • Argentium - Working Silver | Jewelry Making Tools & Supplies

    Argentium Sterling is available in sheet, wire, bezel and gallery wire, tubing, solder and casting grain, so any projects you make with sterling silver can easily be made with Argentium. Argentium really likes itself and FUSES well for Granulation pieces or jump rings .[...]

  • Argentium sterling silver - Wikipedia

    Argentium silver is a brand of modern tarnish-resistant silver alloys, containing either 93.5% or 96% silver. Argentium alloys replace some of the copper in the traditional sterling silver alloy (92.5% silver + 7.5% copper) with the metalloid germanium. Argentium's patents refer to percentages of zinc and boron present in Argentium silver.[...]

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    Argentium Silver has a range of unique and superior properties that are beneficial for manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Click here for testimonals. ARGENTIUM QUALITY. Argentium Silver is for companies who value quality and wish to rise above a crowded commodity market - Argentium represents the future of silver. ...[...]

  • Casting argentium - Jewelry Discussion - Ganoksin Orchid

    Sep 08, 2016· silver the flame I use is somewhat reducing, I use more oxygen in the flame when casting Argentium) The usual amount I cast is from 10 to 60 grams in a flask; i) I find that I need a mix of new grain to old buttons of 60% new and 40% old (50/50 shows some signs of a poorer cast on occasions, but not always) I make very sure the old material is ...[...]

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    G&S Metals and Refiners has been selling and refining gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals since 1954.[...]

  • : uGems 925 Sterling Silver Casting Grain 1 Troy ...

    This silver anti-firescale grain is an excellent choice for all sorts of casting, especially in developing components, sheet or tube that will be formed or attached utilizing soldered joins. It incorporates choice deoxidizing factors that stop the castings from establishing firescale when they are annealed and soldered. Castings are clean and ...[...]

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    We will be regularly adding further products into the shop, so please keep checking for updates. If you are looking for trade pricing or interested in Argentium Silver grain, sheet, wire, tubing and other products that are not available in this shop, please click on the following link to see the list of approved suppliers...[...]

  • Argentium 960 - Jewelry Discussion - Ganoksin Orchid

    Sep 08, 2016· Argentium 960 nearly halves the non-silver content of sterling. Surpassing Britain’s Britannia standard, it is remarkably close to fine silver, yet it has all of the same qualities that make standard Argentium superior to standard sterling - and the other new silvers. Any problems? Not now. Let’s put old rumors to rest. Argentium Silver is ...[...]

  • Casting Grain and Casting Alloy - Hoover and Strong

    Our silver casting grain is available in fine, sterling, deox and argentium sterling silver. We offer several platinum casting grains to choose from. And palladium casting grain is one of our specialties with palladium white gold, fine, and 950 palladium all available from Hoover & Strong.[...]

  • Argentium Guild Blog: Precipitation Hardening - Argentium ...

    Jul 18, 2011· This is due to the silver grain size enlarging and coarsening. ... That deals with the traditional silver-copper alloys and I hope explains the general theory of precipitation hardening. For Argentium silver alloys it needs to be remembered that Argentium silvers are alloys with three constituents, silver, copper and germanium. ...[...]

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    Allied Gold Limited is delighted to offer a wide range of Argentium Silver products including grain, sheet, wire, chains, findings, solders and flux. We also supply finished jewellery made in Argentium 960 Silver.[...]

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    You searched for: argentium. Good news! Etsy has thousands of handcrafted and vintage products that perfectly fit what you’re searching for. Discover all the extraordinary items our community of craftspeople have to offer and find the perfect gift for your loved one (or yourself!) today.[...]

  • 103-635 Arg. Silver Grain - Rio Grande

    Argentium® Silver is a premium-quality silver alloy with exceptional tarnish- and firestain-resistance properties that makes it particularly suitable for premium jewelry items. Argentium 935 Silver is a grain-refined 935/1000 silver alloy that offers very white color and high reflectivity. Argentium 935 Silver possesses high as-cast[...]

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    Argentium ® Silver granules, available in three sizes, are time-saving options for creating jewelry with granulation designs. We also carry Argentium ® Silver casting grain. With our low to no minimum orders, you can order your Argentium ® Silver metal by the inch, foot or any size you need.[...]