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  • Vertical Gas Vane Separator - Peerless - CECO Environmental

    Vane separators provide liquid removal with smaller vessels, which results in lower initial cost, space savings, and minimal maintenance requirements. The Peerless brand’s Vertical Gas Vane Separator is used for slug removal applications and small footprint installations in:[...]

  • Vane Separators « KingTool Company

    Conventional Vane Separators KingTool Company Vertical and Horizontal VANE SEPARATORS offer efficient removal of entrained liquids from gas streams and can be designed to remove “slugs” of liquid. The heart of this unit is the unique, high-efficiency KingTool Company Vane Mist Extractor.[...]

  • Vertical Vane Separator AVGS | Filtration

    Vertical Vane Separator AVGS Principal of Operation: The Anderson AVGS Vertical Gas Separator is a high-efficiency separator designed for removal of large amounts of liquid from a gas flow. As the gas enters the separator, it must pass through several phases of sep­aration before exiting the separator.[...]

  • Vane Mist Extractors – Hawkins, Texas – Fabco Products, Inc.

    These vertical separators have a high gas capacity but do not handle liquid well above approximately 20 BBLS/MMSCF. The pressure drop is relatively high and the economic advantage over a horizontal plate assembly vane separator is questionable. Configuration “B” Vertical Horizontal Flow Separator 20″ Approximate Min I.D. K=0.45[...]

  • Centrifugal Separator | Vane Type Separator | Vertical ...

    The application for vertical vane separators involves conditions which have high liquid loadings with pulsating or fluctuating flows and need liquid storage. Dyna-Therm vertical vane separator models deliver the highest gas purity capability of any mechanical separator for this environment.[...]

  • CHAENG GRM vertical roller mill separator

    CHAENG dynamic high-efficiency vertical mill separator, also known as classifier, is installed on the upper part of the vertical mill and is connected with the middle shell. The separator consists of shell, cage rotor, air guide vane and transmission device.[...]