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  • Clear vs. Bright Zinc

    Bright zinc is a term used to describe a bright finish. Clear zinc is a term used to describe zinc which has been clear passivated and free from any interference shade such as bluish or greenish.[...]

  • Bright Zinc Finish Specifications

    Nickel chrome has a much nicer appearance than a bright zinc finish. You may have been getting that type of plating even though you were supposed to be getting bright zinc. Not everyone who buys plating is knowledgeable about it, and might not care about spec details if what they are getting works.[...]

  • Rogue 28.5MM Boneyard Bars | Rogue Fitness

    Boneyard Bars can come in a variety of finish combinations including Black/Bright Zinc, Olive Drab Zinc, Black Oxide, Raw Steel, Polished Chrome, & Cerakote. The finish for the shaft and sleeves for each barbell will be listed in the right hand purchase area.[...]

  • Troy Power Bar Bright Zinc 28mm - Adamant Barbell

    Bright Zinc Plating - Shaft and Sleeve Both; 28 mm Diameter; 177,000 PSI; Bronze Bushing Sleeves; Center Knurling; Very Deep Knurling; 810mm IWF & 910mm IPF Marks in Knurling[...]


    CRC BRIGHT ZINC is a zinc rich paint which produces a highly protective coating resembling the colour of new galvanising. The film is comprised of a high level of special water resistant binder. BRIGHT ZINC contains more than 50% of the highest purity zinc in the dried film, to give galvanic rust prevention if the protective film becomes damaged.[...]

  • Bright Zinc-It® Instant Cold Galvanize, 13 Wt Oz - 18414

    Bright Zinc-It® Instant Cold Galvanize, 13 Wt Oz ... Bright Zinc-It® Instant Cold Galvanize, 13 Wt Oz. No. 18414 | Item# 1005244 DESCRIPTION: An acrylic based, sacial zinc coating that protects ferrous metals from oxidizing. Creates a barrier film between the environment & the base metal to prevent the formation or spread of rust ...[...]

  • 12mm Bright Zinc Metric Flatwashers (100 pack)

    The Disco Automotive part number 1657PK is a 100 pack of Disco Automotive's 12mm bolt size (Metric), bright zinc Flat Washers with an inside diameter of 13mm and an outside diameter of 24mm. With a bright zinc finish that looks similar to chrome, these Flat Washers are just like all the others, save that they cost almost half as much.[...]

  • Cotswold Fasteners - Product List - Bright Zinc Plated Din125A

    Our Service. Online Carriage Paid of £50* Next day Delivery As Standard* * Mainland England, Wales and Southern Scotland See our 'Delivery Service' page for more information on our delivery options[...]

  • Rogue 28MM Training Bar | Rogue Fitness

    Bright zinc finish; M6-1.0 x 30 mm; Phillips drive; Pair with corresponding nut & washer in like finishes; Common project applications: electronics, license plates, electrical boxes, switch plates, furniture[...]